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Guys it's pretty hard.

So yea, the final day of the Bloodborne alpha has came and went so I decided that I should give my impressions. This is just going to be in bullet point form as it helps me keep my points focused.


Also, I'm not sure I'm allowed to do this, but oh well. Come at me Miyazaki.


  • If you are worried about FromSoftware toning down the difficulty, you have no need to worry. This is just as unforgiving as any Souls game, if not even more. When I died, which was a lot, not once did I feel like it was the games fault. Make one mistake and it could very well be game over.
  • The AI seems alot smarter than any previous game. Which makes sense, becuase they are't mindless Hollows. They know when to step back and they know when to strike. I encountered them in groups of four numerous times and instead of all attacking at once, two would charge me and the other two would stay back, waiting for a chance to strike.
  • Huge fan of removing the shield from the game. Looks like you'll have to rely on your timing more than ever. It seems like the gun you have will be our "shield". It allows players to keep off enemies for a bit longer by staggering them. However, it doesn't work on larger enemies, like the Werewolves.
  • Weapons are new and improved. Each weapon has two forms. For example, one class gives you a plain sword, but once you click it into a huge stone on your back, you now have a huge sledgehammer. Each weapon provides plenty of variation and allows you to make up a variety of tactics with each of them. Very familiar for anyone who has played a Souls game, but still manages to feel fresh and, most importantly, fun. Switching between them is encouraged, as you can do it in between combos. Doing so will allow you to do a specific attack that only happens while switching weapons. It doesn't consume stamina, which is a big plus.
  • The boss battle was tough, challenging, but also rewarding. Design wise it's much more similar to Demon and Dark Souls, rather than Dark Souls 2. It's still in a class of it's own.
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  • The setting is amazing. Huge fan of the Victorian design. The Architecture and overall look of the city is some of the best I've seen in a while. While it does look very different from anywhere else in the Souls series, it still feels apart of it. Which I believe to be true.
  • The music. Oh lordy lord, the music. Fits perfectly with the setting. Just listen.
  • A new mechanic allows you to regain a small amount of health that may have been taking off you. To do so however you need to strike back against the enemy who hit you within a few seconds. Not 100% sure how I feel about it, as at times it serves no purpose as it is usually not enough to survive another hit.
  • It's a small thing, but the enemies actually communicate with you. They taunt you, tell you to leave and once they day they all have their final words. It's a nice touch which makes me believe that there will actually be a story in this game. Not a fan of previous Souls games story telling at all, which was a shame, becuase they were all interesting.


  • Camera is a bit finicky. Every time I fought more than two enemies in a tight alleyway the camera would go nuts trying to figure out where to point.
  • Lock-on wasn't great. Multiple times I'd be attacking an enemy and just before it'd die the camera would suddenly lock on to a random enemy in the distance. This usually resulted on me missing my attack and also getting hit hard. Never caused me to die though, as I could easily cancel it or dive out of it.
  • No checkpoints in the alpha. I know there will be in the full game, but it got a bit tedious having to repeat most of the level over and over everytime I died.
  • The guns aren't that powerful. They do very little damage even against the most basic of enemies. I know they're not really for damaging enemies, but I wished they had a bit more oomph.
  • Evertyime I type Bloodborne, I have to correct it from Bloodboner...

That's about all I can come up with. I'll add more points if they ever come to me. I'm really just thinking this up as I go along, so sorry if I just ramble on in some points.


If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask, becuase I know I probably left something out.

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