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So, a new Sonic game is apparently being announced today...

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I was doing research on what's next for Sonic, seeing as the deal with Nintendo finally ended.


I came across this on my travels, and I think it's a pretty interesting read. The leaker was apparently spot on about everything he said about Sonic Boom, so I think this could be somewhat reliable. Maybe not the announcement today though.

This may just be a mobile game, but the fact that it's similar to Unleashed and Generations makes me pretty interested in it. Plus it's being made by Sonic Team themselves. So maybe they'll make a good game this time.


Besides from that, there is also apparently one to be released later this year too and while it's not in this thread, another source said it will pretty much be Sonic Adventure 3. Which is awesome. MORE CHAO GARDENS.

And then there is the movie adaption...yea...

So, anyone who has read through the thread, what do you all think? I know I shouldn't, but I get excited every time a new Sonic game is announced, but I always have that 8 year old inside having all the hope in the world that it'll be great.


Plus, more Shadow.

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